If you’re like me and you aspire to have a Kim Kardashian level booty, you’re in the right place. Today’s workout made my legs feel like jell-o, so naturally I hate stairs right now. Fear not my friends, it is the “satisfying” pain that all fitstagrammers brag about, not the “please kill me NOW” pain. Speaking of fitstagrammers — hit up my fitness account @carooffthecouch

You can’t grow boobs but you CAN grow a butt!!!!! So — let’s get started!

Enjoy my awkward mid-squat smile


20 reps Squats — feet shoulder length apart, slowly drop into a squat tightening core and butt

20 reps Sumo Squats — place feet wide apart and drop down into a 90* squat. Squeeze glutes and push through your legs to stand up!

15 reps Front Kick Lunges* (each side = 30 total kicks) – step back into a lunge, then squeeze glutes to stand up and kick leg forward, then fall back in to the lunge

20 reps Glute Bridge* – lay down with legs bent and feet together, squeeze glutes and lift body into a bridge

20 reps Pulsing Squat* – sit into a squat, instead of standing up, bounce up and back down into squat

20 Jump Squats — feet shoulder length apart, drop into a squat. Jump straight up, making sure your feet leave the ground, then land back into a squat

Try not to stop between sets — push through!!!

Take a 2 minute break between each round — drink water.

Repeat 4 times

* click for video demo

Me trying to be bootylicious #bathroomphotoshoot

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