Interview: Chinae Alexander

Chinae Alexander, previously known by the social media name of GETFITBROOKLYN, has been an influential figure in my daily Instagram scroll for a while now. She’s an ambassador for Adidas, she runs her own event planning company, and her blunt humor on snapchat stories makes my day! I had the chance to shoot her some questions about business, health, and life, and she shared below!

1.         When going off on your own to start a business, what are some of the biggest challenges that you faced?

Chinae: I think my own fear of failure was the biggest challenge. I had to learn to get out of my own way, trust my instincts, and that failure was not failing. 

PC: Chinae Alexander

2.         You’ve said multiple times that you felt your most insecure when you were at your lowest weight, so what would your advice be to other girls who are struggling with insecurity about the bodies?

Chinae: My biggest advice is deal with your insides before you deal with your outside. If you can’t change from a place of self love…none of it will matter. Find the things you love about yourself and press into those. Surround yourself with people that build you up. And never underestimate the power of positive thinking. 

3.         How did you find the fight and drive to keep working towards your goals, even when you were turned down, tired, or feeling lost?

Chinae: I changed my mind about failure. It’s a pivot not an end. If you dream broadly and are open to life’s adventure, it will come. If you have a narrow view of your path, choose to dwell in the “have nots”, or live in a negative headspace…you will not thrive. 

PC: Chinae Alexander

4.         How did you come about to being an ambassador for Adidas?  

Chinae: They found me on Instagram and invited me to an event they were having. 

5.         What has working with Adidas brought to you?

Chinae: It’s my pleasure to work with a brand that believes in the same principles as I do…authenticity, courage, and strength. So being able to represent them has been just an extension of myself. They’ve given me some incredible opportunities and most importantly, now they are like family. 

PC: Chinae Alexander

6.         You have a very different view on health and fitness compared to many other Instagram bloggers and fitness accounts. Weight and body size are emphasized in our daily culture, and being stick thin is portrayed to be “healthy”. What is your advice to girls who are following these standards?

Chinae: Don’t. Be you. Learn to see your own potential…because if you model your life with the expectations of others, you will inevitably end up having lived their story, not yours. I also think things are changing…culture is shifting to a healthier mentality and I’m glad to see it. 

7.         As a hardcore girl-power figure, what are the most important messages you want to get across to young girls?

Chinae: You have everything inside of you and it’s about digging down and finding it. Being the most excellent version of yourself is better than being someone else. Share your story, be authentic, keep your eyes on your path, and spend your energy on encouraging others and believing in yourself.

PC: Chinae Alexander

8.         What are some of the pros and cons of being an Instagram influencer?

Chinae: I would say, there aren’t many cons besides that it’s a lot more work than people think. You have to be a content creator, a business person, a photographer, a therapist, and mentor…all at once. The pros are that I get to share stories with people all around the world. I love what I do. 

9.         HOW DO YOU WORKOUT 3 TIMES A DAY?! I can barely motivate myself to workout once a day!!

Chinae: I don’t! Unless it’s on a trip where we are training a bunch, I work out once a day, 5-6 days a week. 

10.   What are the three most important things to remember for someone who is working to create their own brand & company?

Chinae: Never forget why you started. Remember that there’s enough success for everyone, so lift up those around you. Be authentically you, even if it doesn’t seem like the easy way out. 

So ya, she’s a badass & she’s awesome. Until next time guys.

Xoxo, Caro

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