How to Stay Motivated — Fitness

Chocolate fudgey swirls. Mini peanut butter cups. Hot fudge.

These were the thoughts going through my head as I stared at the carton of moose tracks ice cream sitting in front of me last night. I indulged. To say I wasn’t a little disappointed in myself  would have been a lie. Of course one bowl wouldn’t kill me, but I’ve always struggled with commitment and motivation to stay on the health boat.

Results are slow, therefore staying motivated is HARD. Believe me, I know how you feel, I have the patience level equivalent to a two year old.

Here are my tricks to staying on the right path:

  1. Throw the temptations away. I have this gross obsession currently with cheese balls — I never used to like cheese balls so IDK what my problem is. Getting them OUT OF THE HOUSE was step one to not even considering them as a snack.
  2. Remember why you started. I started because I’m going on a cruise in December. I have the luxury of going on vacation every year, and every year I feel the same way about my body. This year, I want to feel confident when I put on my bikini. That means I’m on a journey for physical and mental health #woohoo LETS GO!
  3. Find a community. I said this in my last blog post, and I’ll say it again — the community I’ve found on Instagram has been my BIGGEST motivation. Seeing workouts I can use for my next session and other girls results is such an amazing push to keep going. Having a community means having an accountability group, people working together making sure everyone’s on track.
  4. Keep pushing. The hardest part is pushing through the pain. Every time I want to stop, I remember how much harder it was to look in the mirror and not feel proud of who I was (also how many cheese balls I indulged in). It’s painful either way, however, one pain last longer than the other.
  5. Find replacements. Food temptation is my BIGGEST problem. I love ice cream, pretzels, french fries, ughhh basically everything unhealthy! Replacing those treats with healthier options — such as Halo Top ice cream (my favorite flavor is chocolate) — is an awesome way to satisfy yourself to avoid indulgence.

If you have any other helpful tips for motivation, or fitness in general, drop a comment below — I’d love the extra help! Follow my fitsta @carostrachfit to keep up with my struggle.


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