Glamming on a Budget?

Are you a beauty hoarder? Do you wish you could buy that limited edition MAC lipstick but it sold out before you could purchase it? Or do you just hate paying full price for ANYTHING? If this sounds like you then you should consider checking out This website allows for the selling and purchasing of used make-up in a simple way online. Yes, I said USED makeup. Before you turn up your nose in the air at the idea of it, listen up! is a company that buys and sells used makeup, and each product goes through a 5-step authentication and sanitization process that allows for all customers to be guaranteed authentic and safe products. There’s even a video to show the authentication process.

When you go on the website it’s like any other online store, just create an account and then go crazy adding discounted products to your shopping cart. On the
site you can look through GLamnew arrivals, brands, skincare, and tools and brushes. They have all your discounted beauty needs to fuel your girly, edgy, flirty, or fun style! Even Youtube beauty bloggers, such as Shaaanxo, have been known to use as a way to get some of the products they use everyday, and in their videos. This is just a fun and simple way to save money so that you can keep on glamming.

Xx Caro

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