Fitness & Nutrition Tips

Fitness & Nutrition Tips

The struggle of trying to lead an active lifestyle, while simultaneously being low-key lazy is REAL. The quote, “fall 7 times, get up 8.” is a very real and relatable statement. Typically, if you have found some sort of accomplishment towards your health and fitness goals, you failed approx. 15 times before getting there. I am here to hopefully reduce that number for you, with some of my personal experience! So, without further a-do, here are my fitness and nutrition tips!

Me trying to show off my bb abs. My mirror is dirty ya, I’m lazy.

If you’ve been following along my blog since day one back in 2016, you KNOW my a** has been on and off the fitness track forever. I could NEVER figure out what the heck I was doing wrong because a.) I hated the foods I was eating, and b.) I hated the exercises I was doing. I always saw people on Instagram who loved the “fitness lifestyle” they were living, and I thought there had to be something chemically wrong in their brains to actually enjoy eating spinach and running on the treadmill for 45 mins at a time.

5-week Progress Update

MY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, I have finally cracked the code. I’m on my sixth week, and this is the longest I have maintained a heathy lifestyle — *happy dance*. There are TWO important things that have to be in place before you can be successful.

  1. You have to want it for the right reasons. I was either insecure, pushing myself in a time crunch because of a vacation, or I had an image of “skinny” I was trying to meet. Why is it working for me this time?
    1. I was tired, lazy, sad, and felt like my life was moving in slow motion. Finding a fitness plan & a nutrition plan gave me something to look forward to everyday, boosted my mood a TON, and gave me confidence in myself like no other. Do it for yourself, not for who you think you need to be.
    2. I replaced stress eating with working out. Exercise is a natural stress reliever, and I’m able to handle situations with a clearer mind (most of the time;).
  2. Get a fitness guide & stick to it. Why?
    1. I bought a fitness guide 6 weeks ago, right after I got back from my cruise. It was gym based, so I learned how to use machines.
    2. Having structure when going to the gym ensures that you KNOW what you’re doing and you WILL accomplish it. I remember going to the gym not knowing what to do, so I’d make it up for 15 minutes and then leave. STRUCTURE = SUCCESS!
    3. I bought the Stef Fit 8-week Legs, Bum, and Core Guide. When I purchased it, there was a sale, so it is a bit more expensive now, but it really is worth it! There are also plenty of other fitness guides out there you can look at!

So as I said before, one of the most important things that helped me was getting a fitness guide. Having the guide taught me techniques, exercises, and consistency.

  1. LIFT, lift, lift!!! Weight training helps build muscle, as well as increase your metabolism. This means you burn more calories all day long, up to 24 HOURS after your workout. Plus, you feel like a boss a** b*tch every time you’re able to increase the weight you can lift! STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY BBs!!
  2. Consistency is your BEST friend. Once you find exercises you love, be consistent. If you’re a college student like me, make time for it. I was never an early riser, but now I get up and am at the gym no later than 7:45 AM, 4-5 days a week. It’s hard some days, but if I skip my workout, I can tell the instant change in my mood the rest of the day.
  3. Rest. Make time for your body to recover. If you workout 7 days in a row you’ll burn out, get injured, a potentially grow a resentment towards something that’s supposed to make you feel good. The gym, or any workout, should be exciting — not a chore.
  4. My workout split: Usually I just do whatever I felt on that day, or whatever I wrote out for myself the night before, but my workout buddy and I have decided to split our week out. On Mondays/Thursdays I’m going to be working on upper body. Tuesday/Fridays are going to be my lower body days. Wednesdays are going to be core and cardio days (fun fact: I HATE CORE AND CARDIO, but I have back pain after sitting too long, so I need to strengthen my core real bad).
  5. PROGRESS PHOTOS! These are my biggest motivators. Having a before and after picture of your hard work is gratifying and gives you assurance that you are making progress. Sometimes I feel like I’m putting in so much effort, but I’m not getting anywhere. By looking at pictures from 6 weeks ago, I realize that’s not true! It’s a slow but empowering process.
  6. Cardio isn’t my sh*t. I hate cardio, aka I hate running. Instead, I’ve incorporated HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) into my workouts. They’re quick ways to improve cardiovascular health, without getting bored from running on the treadmill for 45 mins (unless that’s your thing!)
  7. Follow other Instagram Gals! Following other girls with the same goals as me helps motivate me, as well as gives me ideas for my workouts! Most girls posts videos of their workouts, which helps me when I’m in bed brainstorming what I want to do in my next training sesh. A few of my favorites are @suzie_kb @chinaealexander @cristinacapron @stef_fit @gracefituk @kimfrench87
    1. If you scroll who I follow you’ll find a bunch more!! Lol
    2. HMU and I’ll give ya a follow back:)


  1. Cut out alcohol. This goes for most beverages. I’m a big fan of food, so wasting calories on soda and alcohol isn’t worth it to me. Water all da way baybay. I specify alcohol because it has a lot of calories & sugar. Especially if you’re in college, because you’re probably not having just one Mike’s Hard;) You can still go out, but if you’re serious about this you can’t binge drink.
  2. Don’t buy sh*t. If I have sh*t, I eat it. Instead I buy healthier alternatives. I love pretzels, and I found these black seasame crackers that are AMAZING and low-cal, gluten free, & low sodium. Find healthy alternatives you like and food won’t be a chore.
    1. Vegetables are your best friend. You can eat SOOO many, feel full, and still eat more later. There is no limit on veggies man, they rock.
  3. Make it fun. Cooking was hard for me because I didn’t know what I was doing, but you have to learn in order to eat healthy. Usually, I’ll just cut up a bunch of veggies and stir fry them in olive oil as a snack. When I’m lazy I’ll add salmon and make that a meal. It’s simple, easy, and doesn’t make me hate cooking!
    1. Pinterest everything!!! Follow me🙂 *shameless self promo*
  4. MEAL PREP. I’m assuming you are a busy person, so meal prepping is important. I struggle with balancing all my meals throughout the day because I have classes and work, so packing a lunch and snacks has saved me.

    Lunch & Snacks
  5. Find your balance. Once you have had a week of eating healthy and cleansed yourself from unhealthy fats and sugars, figure out how much food makes you feel like you have plenty of energy, but doesn’t make you sluggish. I eat around 1680 calories, however this DOES NOT mean that’s what you should do. Establish your goals and figure out how many meals you need to eat in order to reach them.
  6. MyFitnessPal. There is a ton of debate over tracking calories, macros, etc. I don’t track macros because honestly the whole thing confuses me — I do track calories. I track calories because it’s hard for me to understand how much I’ve eaten, and when I want to reach my goals I have to know my intake and how much I burn off. I’m starting boxing again, so I’ll be working out twice a day (out of personal preference: lifting and then my boxing class) which means I need to increase my calorie intake on those days — therefore I need to track so I hit that goal.
    1. Biggest advice: plan out your goals & do your research. Eat enough!!! Food is your FRIEND, it’s going to fuel you through your entire day!
  7. Give yourself CHEAT MEALS. If you’re eating healthy all the time, it will cause you to eventually binge and eat like a crazy person. You’re allowed to eat your favorite foods, but you have to do so in moderation!!

Hit me up on Instagram @CaroStrachanFit for my daily meals, workout videos, personal advice & motivation:-) I am NOT certified in nutrition, fitness, or health — so these are my opinions only, and what has worked for me so far. Take them with a grain of salt peeps.

Follow along here for more lengthy posts LOL — props to you if you made it all the way to the bottom ILY.

LOVE TO YOU ALL & GOOD LUCK! Keep me updated, DM/comment/email me with any questions or just to chat! Joining the fitness community and interacting with others is another way to stay involved and keep yourself in check with your goals — also to meet cool peeps:)


Caro Strachan


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