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Clevelander | World Traveler | Writer | Beach Lover | Broke College Kid

Caroline is a Clevelander attending the University of Akron studying Marketing and Communications with a specialization in social media & internet marketing. She began this blog in May of 2016 with the plan to document her life, adventures, and college advice. With an unfiltered voice & a slight amount of sass, Caro takes you behind the scenes into her personal life, sharing travel experiences, health advice, fitness, and how she manages to find the joy in the struggle of life. (Kidding.)

Caroline remains the sole content creator, writer, and editor of this blog. For collaborations, consulting services, a nice chat, or you’re feeling extra generous and want to send a bar of dark chocolate¬†my way, please contact me at For more BTS follow along on snapchat @carostrach Instagram @carostrachan @carostrachfit and Twitter @carolinestrach1 XOXO, gossip girl Caro