2018 Resolutions

Every time the new year rolls around, I sit and think of all the amazing things I’m going to accomplish in the coming 365 days. Every year brings new challenges and treasures, and every year I never accomplish my goals. As clichè as it is, I still believe that one year I WILL be succesful in ticking off each and every item on my list. Will it be this year? I’ll let you know on December 31st, 2018.

  • Spiritual Growth and Meditation — As I step into 2018 I’d like to continue learning about meditation and the connection between my mind, body, and the universe. I’ve recently joined a Facebook group “Your Own Magic Soul Tribe”, created by Instagrammers and Your Own Magic Podcast hosts @alliemichellel and @raquellemantra. I love this podcast because in delves into all different kinds of topics, as well as learning how to grow yourself as an individual and alter your mindset. I’ve subscribed to a few more podcasts and have found some blogs to learn more about meditation, the seven chakras, and mindfulness so I’m very excited to share those with you in future blog posts once I find the ones I truly love! My 2018 goal is to become more in touch with myself and the universe so that I can lead a more balanced, wholesome life.
  • Organize and Execute Blogging and Business — In 2018 I’d love nothing more than to fully dedicate myself to my passions. As I come closer to graduation, I’ve become more aware of what I like and don’t like in my potential career path. I’m a very creative person, so establishing which ideas to pursue and which ones to hold off on is going to be a big challenge in 2018. My blog, fitness instagram @carostrachan (give me a follow:), and consulting business (coming soon) are my primary challenges that I will tackling. Networking and meeting new like-minded individuals and friends via social media (AND REAL LIFE) is something I’m really working on in 2018 because I believe having true, personal connections with people who you really admire is IMPORTANT. 2018, I’m ready to make you the year my professional career takes off — please prove me right! #timetoputinwork
  • Continue to Smash Health and Fitness Goals — Yes, this is a goal commonly found on every person’s resolutions list, but it’s one I really feel confident about. In 2017, I was at my lightest weight in years, and at my heaviest weight in years. It’s been quite the rollercoster of mental and physcial health, and I’m in one of THE BEST mindsets I’ve been in forever. I’ve succesfully found a routine that works well for me, and while I treat myself WAY too often still (that’s why this is on my resolution list), I really have come a long way. So, in 2018 I am going to complete @stef_fit‘s 8-week Fitty Squad Guide, and maintain a healthy, constant training lifestyle once complete!
  • Allow Creativity to Flow Freely — As I pursue a career that is largely based on content creation and creativity, it’s important to allow the juices to flow and just let my mind run free. Whether it’s painting, writing, or designing, I want to allow myself to forget the restrictions school and society places on these outlets so that I can add value to my personal product and services. This doesn’t totally have to do with creativity, but I’m also picking up some short courses over winter break to learn more about some of the resources I need in order to help my future clients. WOOHOO, I’m excited.
  • Learn More About Nutrition and Dietary Needs — Ever since leaving for college, I’ve had a lot random health issues due primarily to stress, diet, and exercise. Most of these health issues have been digestive and gut problems, so learning more about the science of nutrition and food is something I’m very interested in. By knowing what I’m putting into my body and being able to determine what my body needs, I feel as if I’ll have a better opportunity of controlling my health.
  • Work on Stretching and Flexibility — This has been a goal of mine for a million years and I have yet to accomplish it. I am THE most inflexible person on the planet, and flexibility and stretching are so important when working on fitness to prevent injuries as well as just maintain overall health and balance. I’ve been doing an okay job at taking time during meditation to stretch out my body, but I’d like to budget time every day, even if it’s just 10 minutes, to make sure I get a stretch in so that I can achieve my ultimate 2018 goal. The splits. I haven’t done the splits since acrobatics when I was 10, and I’m determined to get them.

Did you enjoy reading my resolutions? What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy New Year!

Xx Caro

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